Monday, March 17, 2008


We have a challenge for ya'll out there. There are people out there that don't want us to move, and want us to move back to California. We haven't been able to find any Apprentice/Training Diesel Mechanic position jobs in California, that pay enough for us to live off if ya'll can find us a job that is an Apprentice/Training position in California, that pays at least $18/hour, and is in a safe area (where Trisha feels safe walking down the street with Ashlynn), and that doesn't get to be over 100 degrees in the summer.(we have discovered that Curtis cannot work in over 100 degree weather, he gets heat exhaustion very easily). If all of these criteria are made, then Curtis would be happy to apply there. *No Staffing companies, please. We need benefits.*

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  1. I'll get Mike and Kari to respond. So how did the interview go? Is Curtis graduated already?