Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend in Indio

We had a great weekend with Curtis' family in Indio/Palm Springs. We met them there because they are going to babysit our dog for a few months. First, we went to the Living Desert Zoo. Ashlynn and Ian had a lot of fun together.

Ashlynn loved hanging out with Uncle Chad

The kids loved the trains they had there

All three looking at the trains ~ Ian, 3 Ashlynn, 2 Justin, 1~They are all 1 year, 1 month apart

Holding hands

Holding hands, take two

Playing the the Native American pots

Playing with Ian in the same pots

Ashlynn and Ian brushing the goats in the Petting Zoo

Ashlynn playing the drums

Ian playing the drums

Justin hanging out in the stroller. He's thinking...I wish I was old enough to run around with Ian and Ashlynn.

The next day we went to the Palm Springs Airplan Museum. It was a lot of fun to see all of the old planes.

This is where Ashlynn decided to sit and play in the rocks.

Grandma and Ashlynn with the Tiger Plane

Rolls Royce

Ashlynn in the sidecar of a motorcycle
Ashlynn driving the motorcycle
Ashlynn driving the fire engine

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