Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Bit Of St. Patrick's Day

Since it is the 2nd day of March I thought I would make some St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes!
They don't look like St. Patrick's Day Cupakes, you say? I don't see any green!
St Patrick's Day Cupcakes
They look like simple chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting!
St Patrick's Day Cupcakes
But when you take a bite....
St Patrick's Day Cupcakes
There's the GREEN!
St Patrick's Day Cupcakes
Would you like some more green for your St. Patrick's Day cupcakes?
FREE St. Patrick's Day Printable Cupcake Toppers!
Please keep scrolling down and print some out!
St Patrick's Day Printable Cupcake Toppers
St. Patrick's Day Printable Cupcake Toppers

Please leave me a comment letting me know what you'll be doing with the cupcake toppers! I always love pictures too!


  1. these are so cute! thanks for sharing your creativity. i'll be linking :)

  2. Oh my, I am very tempted to use these cupcake toppers! They're adorable!! If I use them, it will be for the YMCA kiddos in the after school program that I work for :) I'll post pictures and link you if I do! Thanks for sharing.