Saturday, August 7, 2010

{Guest Post Saturday} Sarah of The Journey of a Little Girl

Hi! My name is Sarah. I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Trisha’s blog. This is actually my very first guest post. I’m a little nervous but excited to be doing something different. I still consider myself somewhat new to the blogging world.

My blog, The Journey of a Little Girl, is a little different than most. It chronicles my adoption story as well as my reunions with my biological family. Last fall my husband and I traveled to Romania {where I was born} to reunite with my family. It was an amazing life-changing experience for me. We have a trip {and lots of fundraising} coming up in September and I wanted to make some gifts for the people that I love. I started making jewelry and decided that I wanted to make special {personal} necklaces for all the women in my family.

I’ll show you a quick {only 10 steps} and easy tutorial on how to make a personal piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift.
{Note: the 2 tiny metal blanks come with jump rings attached, but I just removed them so that the blanks could lay flat on my stamping surface.}
2 tiny sterling silver blanks {sold at Hobby Lobby, 2 in a bag}
1 silver headpin
1 silver jump ring
1 red Swarovski crystal
1 sterling silver chain
Hammer – 16oz or heavier
Steel Block
Set of small metal stamps {found at Harbor Freight for less than $5}

{1} Take your headpin and thread it through your crystal
{2} With your pliers, twist the end of the headpin into a loop. See photo.
{3} Twist the end of the headpin around your loop, on top of your crystal. See photo.

{4} Cut any remaining part of the headpin with your snips, then push your cut end down with your pliers to prevent any snagging, etc.

{5} Add a jump ring through your loop
{6} Take your tiny initials and choose your stamp. For this necklace, I’m doing an E and R.
{7} Lay your blanks on a steel block for stamping. Otherwise, your letter will not show up properly on your stamp.
{8} Stamp your letter into your blank using a heavy hammer. It must be heavy enough {at least 16oz.} to make the stamp indent into your silver. I practice my stamping on aluminum blanks.
{9} Color in your letters with a black sharpie marker or you can also use Liver of Sulfur. Polish your silver.
{10} Finally, attach your tiny initials and crystal to your sterling chain.
{So sorry about the lighting in this one. I hope it’s easy enough for you to see.}

And now you have a very personal and beautiful piece of jewelry. This particular piece is for my cousin Saveta, who has 2 daughters, Elena and Rodica.

Now I’m off to make 10+ more necklaces before we leave.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you Trisha for giving me the opportunity to guest post!
Thanks, Sarah for guest posting today! Please be sure to stop by The Journey of a Little Girl!  Leave Sarah a comment that you saw her here on 3 Four and Under!


  1. So cute! And it did not look as hard as I thought it would! Thanks!

  2. What a pretty necklace and it was really interesting to read/see how it's made. Sounds like you have an interesting story. I'm off to visit your blog. :)