Saturday, October 9, 2010

{Guest Post Saturday} Making a Journal

I am so excited to have Suzy guest posting for me today!  I met Suzy through The Blog Frog!  I have met some awesome ladies on the "frog." Please email her at to tell her how awesome her post was today!  Take it away Suzy!

Can you guess what Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Theodore Roosevelt all have in common? They all kept journals. All of these famous individuals wrote in a personal notebook on a daily basis.

Do you keep a journal? I hope you do and if you don’t, consider the fact that journaling promotes good health and wellness. Journaling expands our minds. Journaling increases vocabulary, while improving on one’s creative writing ability.

A journal can be kept for a variety of writing topics and a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to capture a new experience or record something special, exciting and memorable. Perhaps after a crummy day, you may need to vent, solve a problem or unload your thoughts. Do so, in a journal. Jotting down favorite Bible verses, quotes, poems and sayings are all wonderful ideas for a personal journal. A journal can be used to generate a shopping list, make a wish list, or even produce a To Do List.

Consider sharing personal thoughts, dreams and hopes, as you write. A journal can record whatever is on your mind. Just like reading, writing should take place every day. So grab a writing instrument and a notebook and begin to record your thoughts.

Materials Needed:
One composition notebook or student journal
Three pieces of 12 X 12 inch scrapbook paper
Glue stick
Hot glue gun
Paper cutter (optional)
Di cut letters or letter stickers

1. Using three sheets of scrapbook paper, cut two pieces of scrapbook paper 8 X 12 inches.

2. Apply a generous amount of glue to the journal, position the scrapbook paper and smooth out any bubbles.

3. Wrap and fold the extended edges of the scrapbook paper, creating mitered corners secure with a generous amount of glue.

4. Cut two pieces of scrapbook paper 9 X 6 inches. Using a glue stick adhere to the inside covers of the journal.

5. Open the journal to the middle section of the notebook that reveals the stitching. Hot glue two or three 14 inch pieces of ribbon on the top edge. Drape the pieces of ribbon across sections of the notebook to become a bookmark. Tie a knot at the bottom of each piece of ribbon.

6. Time to embellish your journal with scrapbook stickers and cutouts, etc. Use additional scraps of scrapbook paper. Recycle greeting cards. Use buttons and babbles. Be creative.
What a great idea to make your own journal!  And it would mean more because you made it yourself!  It would also be a great Christmas present! (Since Christmas is right around the corner)


  1. This is awesome! I keep a journal but have never made it "mine."
    And, YES, christmas is right around the corner and I have a ton of girlfriends that would love this. Thanks!

  2. Trisha, I am so honored and excited to share a craft idea with you and your followers on your blog, 3 Four and Under!
    I too have a blog, Through the Garden Gate, that is set as private.
    I am always in need of ideas for making a more fun, creative and interesting blog. I welcome more followers should anyone be interested.
    Your journal is "under construction!"