Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yesterday, I went to Target to get the $3 deal on the Cars 2 Die Cast cars!
While I was at the store getting the cars, I was thinking to myself, "The kids will think I'm the best momma ever after getting them these!

I ended up getting one Mater:
And one Lightning McQueen:
And a Holly Shiftwell for Big Sister

Today I surprised them all with the cars and they were WAY excited, which made me happy!

After about a half hour of everyone playing nicely with their cars,
The twins decided that they BOTH wanted BOTH of the Cars!

We have fighting, and grabbing, and screaming, and crying because they want both the Mater and Lightning McQueen!

I learned my lesson...
When in doubt, get both the twins the same exact thing!
We will be making another trip to Target today!

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  1. Oh!! I hope they are still on sale! I am gonna go tomorrow and get my kiddos some! They are so cute!