Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Letting Go Of

I was reading this guest post written by Nina of Momma Go Round
She was guest posting on a great blog called Cardigan Empire
It is an amazing post, if you haven't read it yet
Go read it!

This post really hit home with me.
My whole life I have never been the size that is "supposed" to be beautiful.
I have struggled with my body image and am the first person to say something critical about my body
Who decided what beautiful is "supposed" to be?

At the age of 29, I am finally starting to accept who I am
Momma Style

And that I AM beautiful and for the first time I LOVE ME!

I may not be a size 6, but I AM BEAUTIFUL!

And then I went on the Momma Go Round Facebook Page, and saw this post
"Today I am accepting my REAL beauty and letting the rest go. Today, I release myself from the shame of my thunder thighs. I have them, they chub rub, deal with it."

So, today I am accepting my REAL beauty and letting the rest go. Today, I  release myself from the shame of my "twin stomach" as I like to call it.  My stomach will probably never go back to the way it was before I became pregnant with the twins.  Having 16 pounds of baby will do a number on your stomach.  My stomach will most likely always be "crinkly" as my daughter calls it.  But I am PROUD of my "crinkly twin stomach!"
I am so THANKFUL for my twin stomach.  I am grateful that I gave birth to two healthy 8 pound baby boys.  And that I was able to carry them full term. 

{I was 34 weeks when this picture was taken. I can't believe that I went 5 more weeks after this}
I am also so grateful, honored, and blessed to have a Nina as one of my friends! She is amazing and an inspiration to me.  Thank you Nina for inspiring me and other women to love ourselves and to be proud of who we are!

So, let me pose the same question to you
What are YOU letting go of?


  1. You AND Nina are beautiful!

  2. I LOVE that twin stomach and I love the twins that came with it! We need a playdate ASAP!