Monday, January 23, 2012

Potty Training Trouble

I had expected that potty training my twin boys would not be an easy feat!  But I didn't expect that it would be THIS difficult! They will be turning 3 in a little under 3 weeks, so I don't think that we started potty training too early.  I wasn't even going to start potty training them until after they turned 3 years old.  Until..a few months ago they started taking off their clothes and diapers and going to the bathroom everywhere!

And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere!  They are constantly going both number 1 and number 2 on the floor!  I have a potty for them, and take them to the potty many many times a day, like every hour, but they still go on the FLOOR!

I have tried everything that I can think of or have heard of.....I bought them awesome Big Boy Toy Story and Cars underwear!
I have rewarded them with a couple of M and M's after going on the potty.  I have put them on timeout for going on the floor and not the potty.  I have cheered for them and danced around the house after going on the potty!

The ironic thing is that they are fine when we go out.  We go to the park or to either of the grandparent's houses and they don't have accidents, they go on the potty.

And then the minute we get home they take their clothes off and go on the floor.  I am just so grateful that we don't have carpet in our house.  Can you imagine?

 I'm so over cleaning up puddles of pee and poop all day.  I'm over my house smelling like pee and poop!

So, I'm asking all of you for some help!  
Do you have any other positive suggestions of how to get them to go on the toilet instead of the floor?


  1. potty training boys is the worst. My best advice is that wait until they are ready. With both of my boys it was on THEIR timing. One day they woke up and took off their diaper, and were pretty much ready. Each kid is different. I just waiting and waited with my son Micah. He's nearly 3 (on Feb 5th) and is just now showing signs of being ready. We've gone 5 days with no accidents. Very exciting! So sorry! Boys are the worst about potty training!

  2. My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks and has also started refusing to wear diapers,pants, big girl undies, pretty much anything... I feel for you, especially with 2 at the same time. Being pee patrol all day is exhausting! I realized my daughter liked sitting on the actual toilet, rather than her little potty. So we got her a step stool, and the little seat that latches on. She still isn't there yet, but atleast we finally got her to sit on the potty,so that helped us. Sorry I have no other suggestions...Im looking forward to reading tips from other people!

  3. Don't get angry. I know it's hard, but getting angry and putting them in time out will only make it worse. Just say something like, "Uh oh. You didn't make it to the potty. It's OK. Let's try to remember next time." I speak from experience. I had 4 kids in 5 years without any multiples! My 2 oldest boys are under 13 months apart and they were tough! My second one also pee'd all over the place. I let them stay naked all day and just trusted that I wouldn't be cleaning pee and poo forever. Some days I lost my temper and put them in their room. They would both poop on the floor and spread it around. I finally made them start helping me clean up, after I had gotten the worst of it first. Since they didn't like the clean up part, they started asking me for a diaper when they had to poop. My oldest was about 4 before he started pooping in the potty. My third son was a breeze. Once he de died he was ready, he never looked back. I would put on a diaper for bed, but by 4, he didn't even need that. My 2 1/2 year old daughter will only go in the toilet. She hated her potty seat. That was for babies. She still has lots of pee accidents, especially when Daddy's home. She also helps clean up her pee, and we have carpet!
    My boys also HATED wearing underwear. My now 6 year old still does. Sometimes, just letting them go cammando helps. You have to just trust that they WILL go in the potty when they're ready. One day, they'll surprise you and that will be that. Don't cheer every time. Cheer when they go on their own, or when they ask you to take them. Slowly cut back on the cheering and go to "good job". If you make too big of a deal about it, they may start to feel pressured, like they'll let you down if they don't go on the potty. Keep asking them every hall hour if they feel the need to pee or poo. If they say yes, great take them without much fan fare. If they say no, say 'OK. Remember to tell me when you need to go
    Sorry this is so long! I can get pretty long-winded when I talk about kids. Hope this helps some! :)

  4. I would stay calm. Skip time outs, have them clean up the mess on the floor "You had an accident on the floor. I am going to teach you how to clean it up." Read books, watch video, keep up the positive reinforcement. This is from a mom of 3 boys. One who was nearly impossible to train! Good luck!

  5. My wife potty trained both of our children, as I was on the road during that time period. However, from what I learned through her, a reward system worked great with both children. She gave one gummy bear for pee and two gummies for poop in the toilet. Plus, waiting until they were ready and not forcing them into it is great advice. Both of our children were ready a month after they turned 3 years old. They were both completely potty trained within 3 days...although our daughter was ready in 2 days, dry both day and night. Our son took the entire 3 days and had a little trouble with night. My wife also put the toddler toilet in the living room for 3 days, on top of a towel. Each had lots of water and juice and ran around the house without underwear during those days, moving to underwear by the third day and at bedtime. We also brought the toddler toilet with us on trips outside the home for at least a week since going potty on a big toilet was scary. Instead, they would go at home, then if they had to go, we let them use the toilet in the back of our Explorer before going into the grocery store or restaurant. Now they go on the adult toilet all the time. Good luck to you!

  6. Okay I must have been like uber blessed with the easiest boys apparently, because we didn't even have to potty train our 2 boys...they did it themselves. So my heart aches for you because well....poop & pee suck! Our youngest whose 3 has been potty trained since 2 1/2 but after 6 months of being potty trained just started waiting to long to go and started having accidents, this frustrated me sooooo much. I think we've finally gotten this under control. He still has to wear diapers to nap and bedtime since he pee's like a race horse when he sleeps. Our oldest was 4 when nap and bed was in big boy underwear.
    Maybe try letting them use the actual toilet. Maybe they aren't a fan of the little plastic kinds. I would just buy an inexpensive potty seat for use on the big toilet seat and put a stool there. My boys never sat down to pee, that might be another way to let them feel like a big kid and teach them how to stand and pee. Put cheerios in the toilet and tell them to aim and if they hit the cheerios they get a sticker on a reward chart. Once they have 5 stickers, they can have 5 m & m's. And for the poop....well I don't know how to convince them of that one. I would just let them run around in just their undies so they know how to pull them up and down and get the hang of the whole routine. Hang in there, they will be potty trained before you know it...their twins they are probably working together in some elaborate scheme they have planned with their super twin powers to drive you as crazy as possible. Just teasing! ;D

  7. ha! Well my oldest son we had to bribe with a large motorized car he could drive himself...the next in line son we bribed with a miniature milky way...go figure....just take solace in the fact that they will be potty trained by high school!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  8. I had a neighbor whose daughter used to throw up often on the floor next to the toilet. Her mom got really annoyed with having to clean it up. I suggested to her that her daughter clean it up whenever she missed. One time and the little girl didn't miss the toilet again. In fact she stopped throwing up so often. Worth a try having the boys clean up their own messes.

  9. Have you tried a rewards chart? Give them stickers for each time they use the potty/toilet and take away stickers every time they go on the floor. Set a goal for them to have at least seven to ten stars. Whoever has that amount at the end of the week gets a special treat.

  10. Do you know any other little boys around their age that are potty trained? If so, try having them over for a play date and allow the twins to see their friend using the potty nicely and maybe, just maybe, they'll want to be a big boy too!

  11. I trained my twin boys separately and that really worked for us. One seemed a bit more interested and ready anyway, so it made it quite easier to do one at a time. I would say make it a game for your boys -- put some cheerios in the toilet and have them stand to "shoot" the cheerios -- maybe even try fruit loops or something and have them shoot a particular color. :) Just a thought about how to make it rewarding and fun without having to stock up on dollar store bribes. ha ha.

    1. also - I would HIGHLY suggest the "3 day potty training method" that the quadruplet mom, Suz (of Texas Multi Mamas), was successful using -- with all 4 of her kids! When I read her post, it made me think that if she could do it with 4, I should be able to do it with 2.

  12. Try the towel potty training method.