Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lalaloopsy Playdate Birthday Party

Last week our daughter turned 7!  Seven, I can't believe that we have a 7 year old!  When your children are young, others always tell you that time will go by so quickly, and you tend to not believe them.  Now I definitely believe those people.  And I'm pretty sure that I will soon be telling new parents the same thing.  For our daughter's 7th birthday she choose to have a Lalaloopsy Party.  We chose the color palette to be mainly red and pink.  I created a fun invitation using Picmonkey.  
I put up a turquoise blue plastic tablecloth as a blue sky.  And then made the clouds out of white butcher paper and filled them with plastic bags from the grocery store to make them look 3D.
We placed my daughter's Lalaloopsy dolls and her mini Lalaloopsy house as decorations on the food table.  And two of her mini Lalaloopsy dolls sat on the delicious pink and red cake that I ordered from Albertsons.
 I purposely planned the party to be right after school, so we wouldn't have to provide a full meal for the girls.  The girls ate strawberries, vegetables, strawberry yogurt, red licorice, pretzels, water and red Gatorade.  I tried to keep with the red and pink theme.
Each Lalaloopsy has a little pet that comes with the doll.  I cut pink birds out of felt, added a yellow felt beak and a black button eye.  Punched holes all around the edge, and the girls sewed their own stuffed bird.  They loved doing a little bit of sewing.  That served as also their favor to take home.
We spent the rest of the time jumping in the bounce house that we rented and just had tons of fun!  The party was an hour and a half and was a perfect amount of time.  Not too long and not too short.  I would defintely recommend having a playdate birthday party.  It takes a little bit of the pressure off of mom, and the kids still have a lot of fun.


  1. Mia had a great time! Thank you for having her! Will you please send me any pics of her?

  2. Mia had a great time! Thank you for having her! Will you please send me any pics of her?

  3. So cute! Found you through SNAP - love these ideas and my daughter will too!

  4. Too stinkin cute!!!

    You are so talented!

    Now following you from the GFc Bloghop! I want to see more!


  5. Very cute!! :o) Love the turquoise blue tablecloth sky ;) My girls love Lalaloopsy and would adore this party!! Happy (belated) 7th birthday to your girl! <3 ...thanks for sharing!


  6. Such a neat idea! My daughter would love it.

  7. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more! You can find me at meandmr.com

    -Melanie @meandmr.com