Thursday, June 13, 2013

End of the Year Teacher Gift ~ Gift Card Bouquet and Memory Book

I love being Room Parent for my kid's classes!  It's so much fun for me to spend time with them at school, get to know the kids and watch them grow and learn!  One of my "duties" as a Room Parent is the End of the Year gift for the teacher.  You may remember this Gift Card Bouquet that I made last year.  That one was a ton of fun, but took way too long to make.  This year I wanted to do another gift card bouquet because that seemed to have gone over really well last year, but something that was a little more simple.
I sent home a letter in the student's backpacks for their parents about two weeks before the end of the school year asking them to donate a gift card, any denomination that they felt comfortable with.  Of course, it was totally optional.    In the letter I also asked the parents to have their child fill out a questionnaire about their teacher and to draw a picture of their teacher on the blank card stock that I have included in the envelope.
I also asked the parents to write their child's name on the gift card, so the teacher would know who each one was from.  They were to place everything back in the manilla envelope and send it back to school to be put in my daughter's backpack. I used hot glue to attach each gift card to wood skewers.  You could also use those clear picks that florists use to hold cards in flower arrangements, but I wasn't able to find them.

I really enjoyed reading some of the answers that the children came up with.  Most of the kids said that Mrs. Z was going to read this summer.

And the drawings that they drew of her were so fun too!
 After everything was collected, I made a cover and took all of the papers to the FedEx store to have them bind it for me.  I found the idea to make the book through Pinterest at A Small Snippet

I really hope that Mrs.Z will enjoy going through and looking back at what the kids had to say.  
I presented Mrs. Z with the book and gift card bouquet today during class and she absolutely loved it.  She especially loved the book with all of the things the kids had to say!  She read some of them to the kids and they also loved seeing what each other had to say! 

If you would like me to share my letter and the questionnaire page. Leave me a comment and I'll make sure to post it for you.


  1. Wow you are one awesome mom and room mom. That is the coolest IDEa! My mom was always room mom and I can't wait to be when my kid is older :)

  2. Can you please email me the link to both!! Awesome idea. thanks

  3. Very nice, God bless You!

  4. Great idea! I would love the letter and questionnaire. Thanks so much!

  5. This is a great idea I'd like to steal from you if you don't mind! Could you send me the letter and questionnaire too? Thank you in advance!

  6. Can you please send me the link for the letter and questionnaire. My son goes to the school that I teach at and his 2nd grade teacher is leaving to become an instructional coach. She is AMAZING and I would like to do something special for her to remember her last class! Thank you so much. My email is

  7. Can you please email me both as well to Thank you. This is such a great idea.