Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Second Grade

 Today was Big Sister's first day of school!  I was surprised at how excited she was to go back to school.  She is a big 2nd grader now!  I can't believe how fast the summer went and how quickly she is growing up!

 She is super excited to have a whole munch of her best friends in her class this year!  It made going back to school that much more exciting!  And miraculously, she also got the teacher that she really wanted!  This year has started out great so far, and I hope that it continues to be great!

When I picked her up from school today, and I asked her how her day was, she replied, "It was a GREAT day!"


  1. So cute! Happy first day of second grade!

  2. so sweet!

    PS Love the color of your front door!

  3. glad to hear she had a great day!