Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Story: Part 1

My parents were married in 1973. My mom was 20 years old and my dad was 25 years old.
They soon wanted to start a family, but it wasn't happening.
They spent almost ten years going to doctors and specialists without any success.
My mom and dad had prayed about it and decided on adoption
They had all of the important house visits and filled out lots and lots of paperwork.
They were accepted with LDS Family Services.
Now they had a wait for a phone call from the agency saying that they would be parents.

A few months later they received a phone call from LDS Family Services that they had a baby girl!
And you can come and pick her up TODAY!
Today?  My mom and dad both jumped in the car and drove to the office to pick me up.

I was only two weeks old at that time.  Most adoptions with LDS Services back in the 80s the baby would have been 6 weeks old.  But they called my parents a little earlier than normal by mistake.  The office was supposed to be calling another couple about a different baby, and mistakenly called my parents.  It turned out to be a wonderful mistake!  My parents go to take me home 4 weeks earlier than normal!

They were so excited to have a child after 10 years of waiting!  They took me around to meet all of the grandparents before going home.  All of my grandparents were equally excited I think.

My adoption all happened so quickly that my parents didn't have time to get much of anything before picking me up.  That Sunday they went to church with all of the diapers, wipes, bottles and formula inside of a paper bag!

All of the other women in their wouldn't have that!  They all came up to my mom telling her that she needed a baby shower. So funny! (The first picture up top is the baby shower)

Part 2 Coming Soon

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  1. What a sweet story about you!!! You are one lucky girl! I can feel the love your parents had/have for you in those pics.